Sunday, November 1, 2009

Bones, Gorillas, Bananas, and Simon. Happy Halloween!

This is the newest addition to the Horn pack his name is Simon. My mom and dad got this little boy Halloween Day. They brought him to see us today. Such a cutie!

Bones and Gorilla

Ms. Banana

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Santa Rosa, Florida (Fall Break) October

These pics weren't planned I just happened to catch these. Notice how Tate is playing so nicely in the back of Phin's pic. Notice how Phin is whacking jelly fish in the back of Tate's pic.
That just about sums everything up...

Tate's first catch...

We found this pumpkin by the ocean. We played with it all day in the sand.

We decided semi-last minute to hit the road for Fall Break...and where better to go but our "happy place". Phin and Tate had the best time. October might be my favorite time of the year at the beach. So beautiful...I am just counting down the days to when we can go back.

Morrows and Messners hanging at Papa TG and Lala's house Oct 2009

First day of school...and such

Pics from the summer

This first pic is just a sample of the many pictures my Phin has taken with our camera. This is one of the many things he loves to "help" do around the house.
I have deleted many of them, but I keep several just to look and laugh at every now and then.

The Horn family slide at Fort Kid in Knoxville, TN. My grandparents, Terry and Louise, donated money for this slide in honor of their 6 grandchildren when this park opened. It still has our name on it. I've heard they are making new plans for the park are possbily going to tear it down. I wanted to get a picture to always remember... :)

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Sea Crest Beach 2009

The Morrow's, The Messner's, and The Senters
We stayed on Vinings was so lovely.

The clean up well...and look soooooo sweet.

Ice cream man came right to our door!

Phin on the first day. He was so excited about the sand!

Shaun getting love from both B's.

Kent and Katie
Kent and Becca

Total relaxation

Eating sour ice cream

This may be my favorite pic of me and Tate ever

Sunset at Seaside

Hanging at the beach